Maureen Fenninger, AEA Member, iiTP Certified  is a summa cum laude graduate of the Acting BFA program at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. Now that you know she has a degree, here’s the IMPORTANT stuff. She plays over ten musical instruments (there’ll be more with time,) and loves to wear 30 pound costumes at Renaissance Faires. In fact, you can see her in the summers in Sterling, NY performing at the Sterling Renaissance Festival and playing her lute. While not there, she’s based in New York City either under quarantine from the plague, or singing to babies and tutoring for the ACT and SAT. No, they’re not for the same age group.

She’s been trained in voice, dance, dialects, on camera, low-hanging trapeze, aerial harness technique, improvisation, voice over, Suzuki, Meisner, and stage combat. She has performed at the Houston Grand Opera, Alley Theatre, Mary Moody Northen Theatre, and several NYC theatres.

Start a conversation with “Texas is the best!” and she’s all ears 😉

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