She Loves Me, Mary Moody Northen Theatre, Directed by Nick Mayo

“Who wouldn’t want to patronize Maraczek’s when you’ll be cared for by the likes of Maureen Fenninger’s Ilona (flirty and feisty, with drop-the-mic comic timing)…” (Robert Faires)

“As Ilona Ritter, Maureen Fenninger, shows us both the sexy and vulnerable sides of the character with great flair.” (Frank Benge)

“Maureen Fenninger, also a senior (alas!), is perfectly suited for the slightly zany role of the similarly romantic Ilona, a character who’s credulous, frustrated and determined with a hungry heart of gold. Fenninger…….(has) plenty of stage time and fine musical opportunities to perform.” (Michael Meigs)

 “…Maureen Fenninger (Ilona Ritter) who easily gives one of the strongest performances…”

Misalliance, Mary Moody Northen Theatre, Directed by Robert Tolaro

Maureen as Lina

“….and after her dramatic entrance in Act I, Polish acrobat Lina Szczepanowska dismisses all those male hormones as irrelevant   although entirely due to her attractiveness and independence.  Maureen Fenninger’s pseudo-Polish accent is rich and amusing in itself…” (Michael Meigs.)

Wait Until Dark, Alley Theatre, Directed by Scott Schwartz

“Maureen Fenninger enlivens the proceedings a Gloria, Susy’s upstairs neighbor. She’s natural, amusing and spirited as the occasionally bratty kid who becomes Susy’s assistant and ally in the crisis and is delighted to find herself in an adventure.” (Everett Evans.)

“The only character who makes any sense is bratty little Gloria (Maureen Fenninger), Susy’s upstairs neighbor, sho gets all excited about being involved in something dangerous and thrilling.”

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